Andy and I are a happily married couple that have been loving life together for nearly 30 years.  When we began Bella Mini Doodles so many years ago, our children were young and we raised the puppies and children alongside each other. When we had a litter we would pull the chairs out from the kitchen island and slide the whelping box under the counter space.  I would often find one of the kids curled up napping in the box with puppies covering them like a blanket, or one who would love to bring her books in to read with the puppies playing on her, and I remember many a spelling test taken with puppies in lap. We homeschooled our children so our history lessons often included puppies as we cuddled on the couch and learned together. There are so many things that my children gleaned from caring for our beautiful doodles! Probably one of the most wonderful lessons is that God gave us a really really good gift when He made dogs and our golden doodles are especially awesome! They are the most amazing, happy, playful, joy bringing, faithful bundles of love that will always make you feel like you are the most important, cherished person that could possibly have just walked in the door! There is no welcome as great as coming home to one of our doodles as they are the most loving creatures in the world! We recently welcomed a son-in-law to our family and we look forward to future grandchildren carrying on our puppy love. Having fewer children still at home has allowed me to spend even more time with our precious puppies! We have a little more space so I'm no longer climbing into the whelping box under the island counter anymore, but the puppies still spend days throughout our home where they are a part of our life here, receiving constant love and attention. Our many nieces and nephews love to come to Aunt Nells house to play with our puppies and friends children often beg to stop by for a puppy cuddle! Its fun to see when my college age son brings kids home and they go crazy over the puppies in the home he grew up in! We have been exceedingly blessed to care for them and cherish the years of raising our children and puppies hand and hand. Our beautiful golden doodles are and will always be cared for in the most loving way possible, never in a kennel, garage, barn, basement but in our family's living space where they are loved up and treated like family because they ARE family!  ​We have gone to great lengths to place every parent dog in a loving and doting guardian family that adores them as much as we do! Our momma dogs are excited when they come back to visit or have their puppies, as they remember this as their first home where they are loved up and spoiled. They then raise their puppies in our loving family space where they were raised!  One of my favorite moments that still just amazes me is the moment a puppy comes into the world.  I have spent countless nights curled up with a momma dog as she delivers her puppies. Every litter is celebrated from the moment they are born till they leave our home on puppy pick up day, which is like another birth for the puppy into their forever home. Those in-between moments from their birth to going to your home are essential to give your family the most well adjusted and loved up puppy possible! We have already poured so much of ourselves into loving them up, working with them to handle stress and encouraging them in their growth as a puppy. Your family's life with a Bella Mini Doodle will be just amazing!!

What Makes us Different?

At Bella Mini Doodles, we believe that our puppies are more than just pets - they're part of our family. Learn why our process has helped us deliver puppies to the right families for nearly two decades