We decided to get 2 mini golden doodles, a brother and sister - Cab and Margaux! Janelle was so helpful in the process, answering our numerous questions right up until pick up day : ) These 2 puppies have essentially been our "therapy dogs" and have brought so much fun and enjoyment into our lives! Thank you so much!

Kara Gauvin

Boston, MA

We were blessed with the Purple collar girl on 9/15/18. Wanted to let you know she has been a blessing since day one. She’s 11 pounds now and is loving living in Queens, NY. We can’t remember not having her with us! Thank you!

Nannette & Brian Richardson

Queens NY

​This is Winnie at 10 months old - look at that smile! She is happy all the time. We love and have raised Golden Retrievers for the past 27 years but wanted a smaller, golden-type dog with less shedding. Winnie is everything we were looking for in a dog - smart, adorable personality, 30 lbs, loving, easily trained and so friendly to people. She gets compliments wherever we go. It was a pleasure working with you Janelle. Thank you for Winnie - she is a wonderful addition to our family. We highly recommend Bella Mini Doodles and already have several times.

The Brickers

Rochester, NY

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​At 19 weeks, Roosters is just as sweet as can be. As I type this she just climbed up to sit in my lap and fell immediately to sleep. She’s a little ball of fluff and love and we couldn’t be any happier with her! She’s truly been such a joy. We only wish she came into our lives sooner! Every day we marvel at how quickly she learns and matures. She is totally my shadow — following me around the apartment from morning to night and jumping with absolute joy when my husband gets home from work at the end of the day. It's hard to have a bad day when Rooster is around. Thanks for everything!

Megan Grant
New York, NY

​This is Winnie at 10 months old - look at that smile! She is happy all the time. We love and have raised Golden Retrievers for the past 27 years but wanted a smaller, golden-type dog with less shedding. Winnie is everything we were looking for in a dog - smart, adorable personality, 30 lbs, loving, easily trained and so friendly to people. She gets compliments wherever we go. It was a pleasure working with you Janelle. Thank you for Winnie - she is a wonderful addition to our family. We highly recommend Bella Mini Doodles and already have several times.

The Brickers
Rochester, NY

From day 1 Penny has been an absolute joy! I’ve heard stories from friends, family, and strangers on the internet about how difficult a new puppy can be, and as first time dog owners I thought we’d be in for a rough ride. It ended up being quite the opposite! She came home with us already potty trained and in the 6 months we’ve had her she has only had 2 or 3 accidents in the house. Since the first night, she has slept in her crate every night and doesn’t make a peep. She’s so loving, smart, playful, and melts hearts everywhere we go. Everyone we pass does a double take and it never gets old hearing “oh my god she’s so cute!”. I can’t emphasize how easy and well behaved she has been, she has made life during COVID-19 so much better. I’m so glad we went with Bella Mini Doodles because Penny is just perfect in every way.

Justin Chapman
Boston, MA

We decided to get 2 mini golden doodles, a brother and sister - Cab and Margaux! Janelle was so helpful in the process, answering our numerous questions right up until pick up day : ) These 2 puppies have essentially been our "therapy dogs" and have brought so much fun and enjoyment into our lives! Thank you so much!

Kara Gauvin
Boston, MA

I grew up with English Springer Spaniels in my house for years. My mom bred them and we had about 4 litters in our house over the years. I was always in aw of how my mom went above and beyond for these temporary members of our family for 8 weeks. I’ve never known anyone who takes care of dogs with the same level of detail for both the physical and mental UNTIL I WAS REFERRED TO AND DEALT WITH JANELLE! I can not say enough great things about her approach and love for every one of her puppies and it shows in the dogs that you are lucky enough to go home with! We got Beans 5 months ago and could not be happier. He is well adjusted, great with kids, great with other dogs (strangers and friends), barely barks, he’s smart and lets you inspect his ears/ mouth and paws without any hesitation. These are the qualities of a dog that has an amazing bloodline and had an outstanding start in life! As I walk Beans all over creation (pandemic!), I constantly get stopped by people to say how beautiful he is and ask where I got him from. I am more than happy to share Bella Mini Doodles’ information. If we ever decide to get him a play pal, I will have zero hesitation to contact Janelle again! Our experience has been AMAZING! - Sue Cannold (New York, NY)

Sue Cannold
New York, NY

We are so in love with our Bella Mini Doodle, Oakley! Oakley came home to us on May 2, 2020. That is also the day I proposed to my fiancé, Courtney! Courtney and I had always talked about owning a Mini Goldendoodle, but Courtney didn’t think it would be for a year or so. Little did she know, I had been in contact with Janelle and Oakley was already picked out and in the works of becoming ours. Oakley was a part of the special day, wearing a tag that read “My dad has a really important question.” Keeping Oakley a secret from Courtney was challenging, but Janelle was so accommodating and easy to work with! She would send me pictures and communicate with me while Courtney was at work so the surprise would not be ruined. Oakley is now a happy, healthy, almost 10 month old puppy! It is so comforting to know that he comes from a long line of healthy Mini Doodles and also a breeder who truly cares about her pups. Janelle is always available to answer any questions or concerns and she always loves receiving pictures of Oakley as he grows! We truly had an amazing experience with Janelle and Bella Mini Doodles! We are looking forward to adding another Bella Mini Doodle to our family in the future! We would recommend them to anyone looking to find the perfect doodle addition to their family! Thank you again, Janelle!

Kyle & Courtney Robinson
Syracuse, NY

“A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Josh Billings

After doing a lot of research on breeders I knew after one conversation with Janelle that I had found the breeder I wanted to use. She was very informative and spent a lot of time answering all my questions. I admired her commitment and how much she truly cared about each puppy and the home it would go to. I have been blessed with the most incredible puppy. Bodie is everything I had hoped for. His coloring and coat are absolutely beautiful. He looks like a teddy bear and everywhere we go people stop to say hello. At 11 weeks Bodie has leaned the commands come, sit, down, off and wait. I have been working with a trainer and he said Bodie is an exceptional dog. I love coming home to this little boy because he brings me so much joy. Thank you Janelle for such a wonderful gift.

Michelle Weigand

​We have been fortunate to have our beautiful "Angel" for 2 years. Janelle has been a constant support, source of encouragement and educator through the entire experience. Any question has been answered, any concern met with a response. When you have a Bella Mini Doodle, you have an extraordinary new member of your family ​as well as the expert advice of Janelle herself.

John O'Rourke

In August we brought home our mini-doodle, Polly, who is now six months old and as healthy and loving as can be! Prior to bringing Polly home, you could tell that Janelle was hard at work attending to the puppies - she kept us updated constantly through the puppies' growth, sending us photos, videos, and regular updates once the puppies were born as well as really helpful check-ins leading up to their birth. In the weeks leading up to our pick-up day, Janelle was always available if we needed anything and was very detailed and thorough with explaining how she was caring for the puppies and their mother. We felt like we were right there with the pups! When we visited Janelle to choose our puppy from the litter, we saw that the pups were being raised in a clean, beautiful home, and immediately thought Janelle was the warmest, most caring person we could have hoped to meet! She was very attentive to her pups and we could tell that they had a loving environment and had every need cared for. We are so blessed to have little Polly in our life - she is incredibly sweet, amazingly smart, and absolutely loves meeting new people (you should see her tail wag!) – her affection is clearly the result of spending her first weeks in the loving environment provided by Janelle and her home. We receive so many compliments on Polly and everyone absolutely loves our little pup. We are truly grateful for everything and couldn't have picked a better breeder. Thank you, Janelle!

Andrea and Shane Kula

Dogs have always held a special place in our hearts, and my husband and I have been blessed to care for quite a number of dogs along the way….everything from dogs who were abandoned along the road, to dogs we’ve adopted from local shelters, and even a few purebreds that we purchased from breeders, too, but none of these ways compares to the Goldendoodle we received from Bella Mini-Doodles! We first met Janelle and Andy Cole through a mutual friend at our church back in late 2014. At the time, our previous dog (a 12-year old Black Labrador named Guinness) had passed away, and we were very much missing the love that only a furry 4-legged friend can give. As luck would have it, our mutual friend had just posted a picture on Facebook of their beautiful Goldendoodle, who had just had a litter of puppies, and we commented on how adorable they all were! Well, within minutes, our quick comment had progressed to a long phone call, during which we learned all about their dog who came to them from Bella Mini Doodles (as well as learning all about Janelle and Andy!) and our friend offered to introduce us to the Coles….from that moment on, our lives changed for the better! For our first meeting, Janelle and Andy invited us into their home and introduced us to the litter of puppies they were currently caring for….needless to say, we were in “Puppy Heaven!!” Unfortunately, as much as we wanted to take one home with us that very day, all of the puppies were spoken for. However, we knew from that moment on that we wanted to work with the Coles no matter how long the process took! As we got into our car and drove away, my husband and I both began commenting on all the things that we were highly impressed with during the meeting…from the joyful and calm demeanor of Janelle and Andy, to the love the puppies immediately showed us, and especially of the cleanliness of both the puppies and the Cole’s home! So, for the next six months, we kept in weekly contact with Janelle and Andy and waited patiently for the perfect little pup…on May 12th, we received the wonderful news that a litter of pups had been born and one was going to be ours! Because we were going to be Guardian Parents, we needed to wait a few weeks before finding out which of the male pups was going to meet the needs of Bella Mini Doodles, and we were happy to wait those extra few days (it gave us time to buy all kinds of goodies to welcome our little pup to his “forever home!”) In mid-July, we were able to bring our beautiful puppy home (whom we named “Seamus”), and we haven’t regretted it for a single moment!! Working with Janelle and Andy was an absolute pleasure, and we could not be more proud to be a part of the Bella Mini-Doodles family!

Katie & Dennis Pynn
Rochester, New York

After months of research online, especially Instagram, we kept circling back to Bella Mini Doodles and eventually decided they were the ones we had to choose after we heard unanimous praise from others who had already had such great experiences with Janelle and their puppies. Now after going through the entire process, I can say from firsthand experience that we would confidently recommend Janelle to anyone who’s looking for the absolute best puppy you can ask for. Butters, our sweet little micro goldendoodle has exceeded any and all expectations for temperament and of course, cuteness. Even our trainers and vets have been amazed at his behavior at such a young age, a testament to his upbringing at Janelle’s beautiful home in Spencerport. You can tell from his demeanor around other dogs and people, along with his acceptance to being handled by anyone he meets, that this is all due to Janelle’s methodical yet warm and loving approach to his first 8 weeks as a puppy. We are so glad we made the trip to Spencerport from Manhattan so that we could see the beautiful and peaceful surroundings where Butters was raised and would recommend to anyone that they make the trip to see it if they can. We can’t thank Janelle enough for giving us such a great addition to our lives and hope our recommendation helps anyone on the fence feel confident that it’ll be well worth their time and money to work with Janelle on finding the perfect puppy for them as she did for us.

Logan & Britt Mayer

​Janelle has magically discovered how to select and transfer genes for affection and intelligence in her puppies!

Winnie Mandel

My husband and I researched long and hard to find the perfect breed - and breeder - before bringing a puppy into our home that we share with our three young children. I knew in my initial conversation with Bella Mini Doodles that we had found our match.Janelle is warm and inviting yet extremely knowledgeable about her puppies. She took the time during several conversations to answer all of my questions and address any concerns that, as a new puppy owner I had. I fell in love with our pup pup Holly the moment I laid eyes on her. She is every bit of what Janelle told me she'd be. She is warm and loving - quite a cuddler! Holly is gentle yet playful; relaxed yet energetic; excellent with my children and others and simply beautiful. In fact, two neighbors went to Bella Mini Doodles to get a doodle of their own after seeing and meeting Holly! We have nothing but thankfulness to give to Bella Mini Doodles for bringing us our newest love to our family.

The Ascenzo Family

We have had our mini doodle for a week now. She is a beautiful, lovable, smart puppy who is pretty much already housebroken at 8 weeks! The process to get her was so easy, Janelle kept in contact throughout the whole process, and when the litter was born she sent photos and videos often. Bella Mini doodles is a professional operation with support if you need questions answered. She was very helpful even after the pickup. Wonderful experience. Thank you Janelle!

Christine Robbins

My experience working with Janelle Cole has been nothing short of wonderful! An experience only surpassed by our new family member, Bani. These exceptional puppies are family raised and enter your life expecting nothing less than full rights to your heart. If there has ever been a smarter, sweeter, more loving puppy so engrossed in our lives who by the way, just loves to wrestle, my guess is that is would be from Janelle's family of absolutely adorable little creatures. I have been blessed to make a life long friendship with Janelle and her family and most of all Bani.

David Cress

Two words, PERFECT LITTLE! We have had our Cassie for just over a year now and she is perfection. I have never seen such character and personality in a dog before, they way she acts and behaves so well is such a blessing. Another nick name for Cassie is Lovebug, the love and affection she shows towards everyone is heart warming. I am soooo in love with her! Janelle really loves what she does and it shows in each litter she has. ​Thank you Bella Mini Doodles for my sweet perfect loving girl!

Michele Rueckwald

Working with Janelle was great! We got our micro petite mini golden doodle a few days before Christmas and he is the perfect gift. Janelle was very informative on the process and what to expect/how to prepare for our puppy. She sent videos and pictures of the puppy as well as of his parents. Our puppy came with his first round of shots and is very intelligent and loving. Although we have had him for only a short while, he is very quick to learn and shows daily improvement. As NYC residents we were very considered about size – Janelle matched us with a perfect puppy for a small New York apartment. We would recommend Bella Mini Doodles to anyone who truly loves golden doodles.

Drew Jammer

We've had our puppy Ollie home for about 2 weeks now, and he's been the PERFECT little addition to our family! My husband and I would HIGHLY recommend Bella Mini Doodles and Janelle! We've already had people stop us inquiring about Ollie, and we've boasted about our experience with Janelle. I had searched all over for a petite mini doodle breeder and finally came across the Bella Mini Doodle website and Facebook page. I knew almost immediately that's where I wanted to end my search. It helped that the videos on her website showed her home, children, and puppy nursery, and it quickly made me feel comfortable and confident that we found our breeder! From the moment we contacted Janelle, she was quick to respond and very knowledgable about her litters. I loved that she really took the time to get to know us over the phone so she could recommend the best litter of puppies to fit our family. She was always sending texts and videos of the puppies which was super sweet and helped us to get a better feel for what we'd be choosing. When we arrived at Janelle's beautiful house to pick up our puppy, she was very welcoming and took her time with us. You could really see how much she puts into her business and how much she adores every puppy. I'm SO glad we found Bella Mini Doodles and couldn't be more thankful that it led us to our sweet Ollie.

Amy Provenzano
Indian Land, SC

I just wanted to tell you how much joy Ollie has brought into our home. He is such a well behaved dog, it is unbelievable. The kids just absolutely love him!! I was the one that didn't want a dog, but now I don't know what I would do without him.

Erin Mikolajczak

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