At Bella Mini Doodles, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional Miniature Golden Doodles that embody the best qualities of both the Golden Retriever and Poodle breeds. Our adoption fees reflect the careful breeding practices and commitment to producing well-balanced, loving, and healthy puppies. Please find our pricing tiers based on size below:


Mini Golden Doodles (35-45 lbs): $3,500

Petite Mini Golden Doodles (25-35 lbs):

Micro Mini Golden Doodles (Under 25 lbs): $3,900

We want to emphasize that Golden Doodles are not AKC registered, which allows breeders to determine their own size classifications. For us, micro Mini Golden Doodles fall under 25 pounds. However, if you're seeking a micro that is 10 pounds and under, we may not meet your expectations. Our priority at Bella Mini Doodles is to provide you with Mini Golden Doodles that exhibit the desirable retriever traits, including blocky faces, prominent heads, expressive eyes, and the affectionate temperament of the Golden Retriever.

Why Micros Are Priced Differently:

Our micro Mini Golden Doodles command a higher adoption fee due to the nature of their breeding and resulting smaller litters. We adhere to a strict practice of breeding a true micro to a true micro, resulting in fewer puppies per litter. This approach ensures that each puppy receives proper care, attention, and a consistent size. We do not compromise by introducing more and more toy poodle blood, as our aim is to produce Mini Doodles with a balanced mix of both breeds. This meticulous process requires extra effort and resources, resulting in a limited number of micro Mini Golden Doodles per litter.We intentionally avoid using toy poodle in our breeding program, as our goal is to cultivate the calmest and most well-rounded Golden Doodles possible. Our puppies inherit wonderful retriever traits, such as distinct boxy heads, expressive eyes, long ears, wavy coats, and, most importantly, the warm and friendly personalities that make Golden Retrievers so beloved.For those who are seeking the perfect addition to their family, we invite you to explore our available puppies and embark on a journey of companionship and love with a Bella Mini Doodle. Click below to discover our current selection and begin the process of bringing home your new furry friend!

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