Puppy Go Home Info

From Janelle,

" Hi Everyone! Here is everything you are going to need to know for your Puppy Pick Up Day! If you have questions or comments please respond to me individually.  So here we go! 😊 "

Puppy Pick Out Day

Puppy pick out is done the Monday or Tuesday before the Saturday go home through high definition videos. You will receive 3 videos of each puppy you will be choosing from where I am describing the puppies personality to you and pointing out things about each puppy. After doing puppy pick outs for the last 10 years I’ve learned what makes it the best experience possible. I will ask you what you are hoping for in your puppy also and help you make the best decision. One of the main reasons we switched to video selection is that puppies are either up running around playing or crashed out sleeping. It’s almost impossible to wake a sleeping puppy, so many people’s pick out appointments were with sleepy puppies and that was disappointing. I look for a time between playing and sleeping when I can video and then can get a great headshot for you to really see their face. The second reason is through the years I have watched many people come in and choose a puppy just because it was the first to lick them or sit on them, not because it had the qualities they were describing beforehand that they wanted in their puppy. Finally most importantly, we give the puppies their first set of shots on go home day. This makes their transition easier since it makes them slightly tired. This is great for traveling and the first night away.  I don’t allow visitors that could expose them to things come before they are immunized. I ask each family to try their best to keep the pick out to one hour so that we can move quickly through the process. I will text you when your turn will be coming next. So whatever your go home Saturday is, you’ll know that your puppy pick out is most likely going to be beginning that Monday or Tuesday.Puppy pick out is usually done starting on the Monday before Saturday's go home. If I can't contact you, it holds things up for everyone and people are of course very anxious for their turn. As a rule of thumb I try to keep everyone's pick time to an hour. As you can imagine it's a long couple of days for me. 😊  People often want me understandably to give them a window of time that I’ll be in touch. The reason I can’t predict that is some people decide very quickly and other times there are factors that delay the process. Please do your very best to be “on call” so to speak so that when your turn comes we can try to keep it to the one hour time frame. I will send you videos that have a good face shot of each puppy that is available and will talk with you about personalities and help to match you up with the perfect puppy for you. I have to say they are all perfect! By the time they go home they are like little teddy bears and you will say, as everyone who gets to my house does, that they are so much cuter in person! I’ll be in touch with several other informational texts to cover everything you’ll need to know 😊​

Please try to be on time because I will begin when everyone has arrived. You should expect about an hour time frame. I will go over some helpful things with you and you'll also get to meet most of the other families in your puppies litter. If you are receiving delivery you will find the things I go over at puppy pick up in your folder, and we can talk on the phone to clarify everything.

Puppy pick up is Saturday at our home, 83 West Ave Spencerport NY 14559, and begins at 11 am

Please try to be on time because I will begin when everyone has arrived. You should expect about an hour time frame. I will go over some helpful things with you and you'll also get to meet most of the other families in your puppies litter. If you are receiving delivery you will find the things I go over at puppy pick up in your folder, and we can talk on the phone to clarify everything.

Puppy Pickup Day

Here is all the information you need to know about Puppy Pickup Day and your very important folder!

Puppy Delivery & Delivery Fee

There are some delivery options for those who would like them. 90% of the time it will be my delivery people, not me, making the delivery and all the delivery money goes to them. If, however, you desire a delivery that requires a flight it will most likely be me making the trip, and we would talk about that on a per case basis. As long as at least two puppies are going there is almost always a delivery option to Harrison Urby in Harrison N.J. for $550. The address is ... 777 S 3rd St, Harrison, NJ 07029.  If the point of sale is outside of NY State then I don’t have to charge you NYS sales tax. If the puppy is sold in NY state then I do have to charge sales tax. I chose Harrison Urby because it seems to be the easiest and closest stop out of NY, especially for our NYC customers that could take the PATH train if they don’t have a car. It also seems to be located in a fairly central location for everyone! So that I can figure out who will be picking up here at our house and who would like delivery please text me either the word “Spencerport” or the word “Delivery”. Thank you! ​The delivery details are always being ironed out right up until the last days before. People are changing minds and I have just found it's better not to fight it but to allow the details to unfold as they do those last days before going home and then send out the details. That way I’m not changing things. I will set up a group message in the days before delivery with the drivers and those receiving delivery and that way there is a thread for those receiving delivery that can be used for communication and to give you all the details. I will try to give you the general idea though of course with the reminder that this is subject to change somewhat. Generally the delivery people leave early from Rochester and it is about 6 hours for them. Depending on traffic or construction they will give you updates etas. Most of the time arrival is around 12-1 but this varies to some degree. The delivery location is Harrison Urby and the driver will put down a pin and text you that so that you ll be able to see where they are in the parking lot. When they get the group message from me they will respond and tell everyone the game plan. Then as needed they will send out updated ETAs. I hope that gives you the general idea as you wait for the group message the days before.So, the delivery fee is $550 - but if you look at it as putting the sales tax of $288 for a micro or $256 for a petite or mini toward the $550 delivery fee,  then in a sense you will be receiving delivery for $262 or $294 respectively. Please remember that the delivery people get the $550 but your amount for me will not have sales tax included. Please let me know if you would be interested in delivery so I can begin planning with everyone involved.

​Housing in Rochester

There are plenty of “chain” hotels in the Rochester area that you can find  on line that are nice but a few that I would recommend if you wanted a little nicer stay are; The Woodcliff Hotel and Spa in Victor, The Del Monte Lodge Renaissance Hotel and Spa in Pittsford, or The Strathallan Rochester hotel and spa- a Doubletree by Hilton. All are in nice areas of Rochester.  There are many others I’m sure that are also nice but hopefully this points you in the right direction.

Helpful Puppy Tips

Just some last details... Please respond to me individually if you have questions. I recommend harnesses over collars for puppies. I love the Lupine brand because they will replace chewed products and I have replaced several chewed leases. I would probably take the puppy with you to the store to try some on or order a size larger than needed because they grow so fast. Please plan on not taking them to walk in an area that other dogs have gone to the bathroom until they have their second shot at least.  The puppies are on Purina Pro Plan puppy food. I will send a little bag home with you. Also you will need a crate for housebreaking and it would be a very good idea to have this set up before Pick up day. I would recommend buying a crate that is up to their adult weight or even larger if you have room. Many crates come with a divider so there is not room for them to pee over there and lay here. It's a good idea to get one with the divider. So during the day you would want the divider in so they can learn to hold their bladder. But at night remove the divider and put newspaper on one side so they aren't punished for a long night if they have to go.  I do not recommend that you get up to take them out at night because you wouldn't want them to get used to that. Also cut off eating and drinking around 7 pm. If they are doing great with going on a news paper in the corner of their play area and going outside every couple hours, if the weather permits, so they are already well on their way to being potty trained.

Checking in with the Vet

They will have been vet checked by my vet that says they are healthy and will have received their first set of shots and worming. You will need to make an appointment with your vet Monday or Tuesday if possible as per the contract. You will then sign the Bella mini doodles health contract and send it along with your vet's health certificate back to me. If you don't return these to me you don't have a health contract. There is nothing tricky in my contract like many breeders that make you put the dog on expensive supplements or dog food to have a contract. They get a monthly check from the supplement company. I find that unethical and do not agree with this and will honor my contract. You also need to send me proof of fixing your puppy at 6 months. There are NO breeding rights. Bella Mini doodles never sells breeding rights. These are all things I will go over with you again on pick up day.  Remember to make the vet appointment and after it, mail me a copy of your vets certificate of health along with the signed health contract. You may need to ask for one. You'll have one from my vet as a model. The puppies will have been given their first shot before pick up. It will be a Duramune 5 and you will have a paper telling you that so you can have the date. You will need to give the puppy a second shot 3-4 weeks after the first and a 3rd shot 3-4 weeks after the 2nd. This will also be on a paper for you. Your puppies have been wormed at 4+6 weeks with panacur but often need more treatment. Your vet will ask for a stool sample.

Puppy Training with Baxter & Bella

Investing in puppy training is an indispensable step on the path to nurturing a joyful and harmonious relationship with your newest family member. Our puppies come with boundless potential, and by committing to their training, you're setting the stage for a lifetime of happiness together. Our comprehensive puppy training program empowers you with the tools to foster positive behavior, essential commands, and seamless integration into your home. Through expert guidance, you'll cultivate a strong bond built on trust and clear communication, ensuring a smooth transition for both you and your furry companion. By investing in puppy training, you're not just welcoming a pet – you're embarking on a transformative journey of companionship and shared growth.

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Puppy Care

Puppy care involves self control on your part. It's a mistake to bring the puppy home and give it free rein of the house and please don't let them sleep with you. They are used to a small amount of space and sleeping in their box. They may cry the first night but don't give in and keep getting them out. They are used to piling on top of each other for warmth and comfort so make sure they are warm but don't bring them to your bed. Tough love the first few nights will pay off for your future beauty rest. Giving them more responsibility slowly as they grow and earn it is a good idea because they are just babes. If you never put them in their crates they will cry when you try to. At this point they are used to being in their box and some play time. So be careful not to over spoil them right off the bat. It will be hard not to because they are so darn cute. But they need limits and rest as puppies. The proper doodle brush is called a Slicker brush. It looks like a hundred little pins. Nothing else really works. Call your groomer at the first sign on a matt. Wet seasons like spring can be the worst for matts. Dry or brush them when wet if their coat is long. Tell your groomer that you want them cut like  a golden doodle not a poodle. There are YouTube videos on this. Try to find someone who knows a doodle cut. Each one of these puppies is an absolute winner! You will all be absolutely thrilled. I look forward to meeting you at our house 83 West Ave Spencerport NY 14559 at 11am,  or if delivery is going to happen we'll arrange the location and all that. You are going to be so happy with these puppies! All of this important information will be on page one of the folder you will receive. You can always text or call me for ongoing support throughout your puppy's life! 😊People often ask me what they need before bringing their puppy home. The truth is, what you need is very minimal. You need a crate, a harness, bowls and a leash. The puppies come home I with a small bag of Purina Pro Plan puppy food and it is enough to take care of a couple of days. It is wise to keep them on the same food for a while but because their stomachs are already adjusting to your new water and home. I am Including a picture of the kind of Purina Pro Plan puppy food they are on now, my favorite puppy book and favorite X-Pen. Chewy's is a great way to buy the food as it's a little cheaper there and the shipping is free right to your home.  https://www.chewy.com

Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Food
Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Food
My personal favorite exercise pen

​I look forward to meeting you at our house
83 West Ave Spencerport NY 14559 at 11am this Saturday! See you then! 😊

- Janelle