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" Hi Everyone! Here is everything you are going to need to know for your Puppy Pick Up Day! If you have questions or comments please respond to me individually. 😊 "

Puppy Pick Out Day

Puppy pick out is typically done one to two weeks before your litter’s scheduled go home date. You will find it easy to choose your puppy with HD videos and pictures! Each family will receive puppy profiles of the puppies from your specific litter that your family is chosing from. The puppy profile includes 3-5 videos and several pictures of the puppies from your specific litter and preferred gender. Puppies will be chosen based on the order of the litter list. In these videos, I talk about the puppy’s personalities and show you what makes each one special. Over the last two decades, I've fine-tuned this process to make sure it's the best posible experience for your family. Please remind me at the time of pick out if your family has specfic preferences for your puppy!

We have found the puppy profiles to be so much more effective, because when people used to visit in person, the puppies were either super active or napping. It is a challenge to wake up a sleepy puppy, and that left some people feeling a bit disappointed. Puppy profiles help me catch the puppies in a good balance between play and rest, and you can really see their adorable faces. This has helped families pick a puppy with the qualities they really want in their puppy, not just because it was the first to lick them or sit on them.

Puppy pick-out generally happens one to two weeks before the Saturday go-home date. If I'm unable to reach you, it creates a bit of a delay for everyone, and I understand how eager you all are for your turn. As a general practice, I ask each family to keep their pick-out time to around one hour. I'll send you a text to inform you when your turn is approaching. If it is helpful for you, I can send the profiles to multiple people in a group message. If you would prefer this, please send me a group message with who you would like included.

I know many people would like a specific timeframe for when I'll be in touch. The reason I can't give an exact timeframe is that situatuations may come up. Sometimes a dog may need to be bred or a mama dog may be giving birth. I understand that life happens and we will all do our best to help things run as smooth as possible. Your flexibility, cooperation and understanding means a lot!

I truly believe each puppy is wonderful, and I can't wait for you to meet them. If you have any questions or need help, I'm here for you. Once you have watched the Puppy Pickup Day video below, you will feel that many of your questions have been answered. I can’t wait for you to meet the newest addition to your home!

Puppy pick up is Saturday at our home, 83 West Ave Spencerport NY 14559, and begins at 11 am

Puppy Pickup Day

Here is all the information you need to know about Puppy Pickup Day and your very important folder!

Puppy Delivery & Delivery Fee

If you're thinking about delivery, we've got some great options! Delivery is usually handled by our experienced delivery teams. The delivery fee to Harrison, NJ or Lee, MA is $550. This option is great for those who live outside of NY because it doesn't include NYS sales tax. To set up delivery, just text me and say that you would like your puppy delivered. There is almost always a multi-puppy delivery option to Harrison N.J. or Lee MA for $550. A single puppy delivery will be $675. The address is 777 S 3rd St, Harrison, NJ 07029 for Harrison or 200 Housatonic St, Lee, MA 01238 for Lee.  

If the point of sale is outside of NY State then I don’t have to charge you NYS sales tax. If the puppy is sold in NY state then I do have to charge sales tax. I chose Harrison Urby because it seems to be the easiest and closest stop out of NY, especially for our NYC customers that could take the PATH train if they don’t have a car. It also seems to be located in a fairly central location for everyone!

In the days leading up to the delivery, I'll establish a group message between you and the driver. This group message will function as a communication hub to share all the essential details. While I'll make an effort to offer you a broad overview, it's important to note that certain elements might experience minor adjustments, and I'll keep you updated throughout the process!

Generally the delivery people leave early from Rochester and it is about a 6 hour trip for them one way. Depending on traffic or construction they will give you updated ETAs. Most of the time arrival is around 11am-1pm, but this varies to some degree. The delivery location is Lee MA or Harrison Urby and the driver will put down a pin and text you that so that you ll be able to see where they are in the parking lot.

Please have one envelope with a casheirs check or cash for Bella Mini Doodles with your remaining balance and a speparate envelope with cash marked 'delivery' for the driver. Please let me know if you would be interested in delivery so I can begin planning with everyone involved!

​Housing in Rochester

There are plenty of good hotels in Rochester if you need a place to stay. Some recommendations are The Woodcliff Hotel and Spa, The Del Monte Lodge Renaissance Hotel and Spa, or The Strathallan Rochester Hotel and Spa, or the Lakehouse on Canandaigua Lake. Of course there other chain hotels that are a great choice as well.

Helpful Puppy Tips

We recommend you use a harness over a collar. The Lupine brand is an excellent choice, because of it's lifetime guarentee. I recommend that you wait several days before putting on a harness or collar on the puppy. This will allow the puppy some time to get used to all of the changes before you introduce a collar or harness. If you live in the city the puppy can not go outside until all 3 shots are on board. It is important that you avoid walking your puppy where other dogs go potty because adult dogs carry many parasites that a puppy's system is not able to handle. You should refer to the online puppy training school for more options for how to crate train a puppy if you live in the city.

Crate training is how a puppy learns to hold their bladder and is an essential part of house breaking a puppy. Many crates come equipped with a divider to prevent them from having room to go potty on one side and lie down on the other. During the day, it's beneficial to keep the divider in place to help them learn to control their bladder. However, at night, removing the divider and placing newspaper on one side ensures they aren't penalized for a lengthy night if they need to relieve themselves.

I personally don't recommend waking up to take them out at night to avoid them getting accustomed to this routine. It's also a good practice to stop their food and water intake around 6 pm. You will find everything you need to know about crate training on Baxter and Bella, the online training school which we highly recommend.

Checking in with the Vet

The puppies get a thorough exam from our reproduction specialist to verify that they are healthy. They will have received their first set of shots and will have received several rounds of worming before they go home. The health contract has always required that you have a vet check within 48 hours. However, since Covid, we have found that many vets will no longer do that 48 hour visit that all breeders require. This is due to them being overwhelmed with so many more dogs after Covid. Try to set the puppy check visit for the week after your puppy goes home. If your vet insists on waiting until the second shot which would be almost a month later, just text me and I will let you know that's okay. After your appointment, make sure to sign and send back the Bella Mini Doodles health contract, along with your vet's health certificate.

My health contract doesn't have any requirements about expensive supplements or special dog food that many breeders choose to benefit from. We try to do everything with integrity and that includes backing up our health contract without requiring you to use a very expensive dog food. It is however extremely important that you feed your puppy a very high quality puppy food such as Purina Pro Plan.

One thing that we are very strict about is that you provide proof of spaying/neutering at 6 months or your health contract will be void. There are some new studies indicating that waiting until the growth plates have closed is beneficial and your vet will have an opinion about this. If they would like to wait then please keep me in the loop and I will approve it. We do keep a record of when each puppy is spayed/neutered.

Puppy Training with Baxter & Bella

Investing in puppy training is an indispensable step on the path to nurturing a joyful and harmonious relationship with your newest family member. Our puppies come with boundless potential, and by committing to their training, you're setting the stage for a lifetime of happiness together. Baxter and Bella's comprehensive puppy training program empowers you with the tools to foster positive behavior, essential commands, and seamless integration into your home. Through expert guidance, you'll cultivate a strong bond built on trust and clear communication, ensuring a smooth transition for both you and your furry companion. By investing in puppy training, you're not just welcoming a pet – you're embarking on a transformative journey of companionship and shared growth.

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Puppy Care

Taking care of your puppy may require some self-control on your part. It's not ideal to let the puppy have free rein of the house, and it's best not to let them sleep with you. They are used to a limited space and sleeping in their box. While they may cry the first night, it's important not to give in and keep taking them out. They're accustomed to piling on top of each other for warmth, so ensure they are warm, but resist bringing them into your bed. Embracing a bit of tough love in the first few nights will pay off for your future good night's sleep.

As they are still young, it's a good idea to give them more responsibility, and space gradually as they grow and earn it. If you never put them in their crates, they may cry when you try to. They are used to being in their box and having some playtime at this point, so be cautious not to spoil them too much right from the start. I know it's hard to resist because they're incredibly cute, but they need limits and rest as puppies.

For grooming, the proper doodle brush is called a Slicker brush. It looks like a hundred little pins, and nothing else really works. If you notice a mat, contact your groomer right away. Wet seasons like spring can be tough for mats, so if their coat is long, dry or brush them when wet. Let your groomer know that you want them cut like a golden doodle, not a poodle. There are YouTube videos on this, and it's helpful to find someone who understands a doodle cut.

Each one of these puppies is a real winner and I'm confident you'll be thrilled with your puppy! All the essential information will be on the first page of the folder you'll receive. Feel free to text or call me for ongoing support throughout your puppy's life! 😊

People often ask what they need before bringing their puppy home. Honestly, the necessities are quite minimal – a crate, a harness, bowls, and a leash. The puppies will come home with a small bag of Purina Pro Plan puppy food, enough for a couple of days. It's a good idea to keep them on the same food for a while as their stomachs adjust to your new water and home. I've included a picture of the kind of Purina Pro Plan puppy food they are on now, along with my favorite puppy book and favorite X-Pen. Chewy's is a great option for buying the food, as it's a bit cheaper, and they offer free shipping right to your home. https://www.chewy.com

Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Food
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My personal favorite exercise pen

​I look forward to meeting you at our house
83 West Ave Spencerport NY 14559 at 11am on your scheduled Saturday! See you then! 😊

- Janelle