We decided to get 2 mini golden doodles, a brother and sister - Cab and Margaux! Janelle was so helpful in the process, answering our numerous questions right up until pick up day : ) These 2 puppies have essentially been our "therapy dogs" and have brought so much fun and enjoyment into our lives! Thank you so much!

Kara Gauvin

Boston, MA

We were blessed with the Purple collar girl on 9/15/18. Wanted to let you know she has been a blessing since day one. She’s 11 pounds now and is loving living in Queens, NY. We can’t remember not having her with us! Thank you!

Nannette & Brian Richardson

Queens NY

​This is Winnie at 10 months old - look at that smile! She is happy all the time. We love and have raised Golden Retrievers for the past 27 years but wanted a smaller, golden-type dog with less shedding. Winnie is everything we were looking for in a dog - smart, adorable personality, 30 lbs, loving, easily trained and so friendly to people. She gets compliments wherever we go. It was a pleasure working with you Janelle. Thank you for Winnie - she is a wonderful addition to our family. We highly recommend Bella Mini Doodles and already have several times.

The Brickers

Rochester, NY

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5 Star Review
1100+  Reviews and counting

Kobe is a big boy now. He is 2 years old and a love. I would have 5 more if I could. You did a great job and I can’t thank you enough; worth every penny. He has a loving personality and he weighs exactly 16 pounds. He loves to run and chase his ball - Great exercise. I think he looks like his Mom but not sure. His coat is curly and soft and we love him!


The most important thing to us when we started our search for a puppy was to find a reputable breeder. We wanted to make sure our puppy was coming from a loving and stress-free environment. Right off the bat from our first conversation with Janelle, we knew we had found the right person. She explained the whole breeding process to us and explained how her mommies live in her home in a tranquil and caring setting. She sent us pictures of her home and videos of the mommy and all of the puppies. She interviewed us as well to make sure her puppies would be going to a good home. We are so happy with our decision and are in love with our puppy Baxter. Janelle offers continuing support and we know we can contact her with any questions or concerns we may have.

Michael and Nancy Fiore

​Bella Mini Doodles was the answer to a longtime prayer I had for the perfect dog for my husband and I to start our family. My husband did not want a big dog and because of allergies, we needed one that was hypoallergenic. My biggest concern was a responsibly bred dog that was well socialized and awesome with kids. I grew up with goldens and thought they were the best breed you can ask for but since bringing Cooper into our home I might be convinced that goldendoodles are the best of both worlds. You get the loving temperament and companionship of a golden...without all the shedding! It was apparent from the moment I spoke with Janelle that she was a knowledgeable, responsible breeder who was above all else a dog lover. I lived for the weekly pictures and updates she sent about our puppy and we could see how well he was cared for. This was also obvious on puppy pick up day when we met Cooper's parents and all the other puppies. The dogs are definitely family members in her home. Cooper is all we could have asked for and more. He is loving, playful, smart, and healthy! I could tell how much care went into breeding Cooper and it shines through in his personality. He often comes to work with me and visits the residents in the skilled nursing facility where I work and he is awesome with the residents. He loves other dogs, cats, children young and old and pretty much anyone he meets. He actually seeks people out to say hi if they walk by him without petting him first, which isn't very often given how adorable he is! Cooper has been such a source of joy, comfort, and fun that my husband and I can't imagine our lives without him.

Megan Keenan

We are beyond thrilled with our sweet baby boy Henry. We bonded immediately after picking him up. It is very obvious how well bellaminidoodles cares for their puppies. Henry was also so well socialized and plays so well with every dog and human he has encountered. He is so smart and picked up tricks/requests like sit, down, etc within the first two weeks we had him. Potty training was a breeze, and he caught on extremely quickly. He is so loving and sweet, I am so happy that we got a bellaminidoodle. Be patient when sending them messages, and know that they are putting all their time and energy into caring for your future pup. Bellaminidoodles really goes above and beyond for your puppy. Janelle also stays in close touch with you after you take your puppy home to check in and make sure everything is ok. The wait is so, so worth it. I am already thinking about when I want my next bellaminidoodle puppy. Thanks Janelle and Andy for all your help!

Julie Sun
New York City , NY

We just cannot say enough about Bella Mini Doodles. Janelle really is such a wonderful breeder. We are so in love with our Daisy. She is a Petite Mini Goldendoodle. We got her in July 2020. She’s about 6 months now, about 20 pounds of fluff and we could not be happier. I’m not sure how Janelle did it but we picked up a totally potty trained puppy. She’s so smart, so healthy and just beautiful. Bella Mini Doodles is the place to get your doodle from. You can just tell they breed with which love and care. Thank you Janelle and Andy, it was such a pleasure getting our Daisy from you!

Rachel Hemingway
New York City, NY

We were lucky to get Henry from Bella’s mini doodles and could not be more thrilled - he is a sweetheart and has the best temperament. Everyone loves his happy go lucky personality and playful but calm temperament. He fitted right in with our family and is a joy to have as part of our family. We definitely recommend this breeder. Henry arrived with lots of helpful info on the breed, training tips etc. and has been a great addition to our family. Thank you Bella’s mini doodles for the perfect family pet! We could not be happier with our pup.

Helen Street
New York City, NY

​Mookie joined our family in August of 2020 during the pandemic. He’s been a valued member of the family ever since. His favorite thing is to search for the perfect twig and carry it all the way home in his mouth and go for walks. Our boys love him. He is a complete mush and very affectionate. Everyone who sees Mookie comments on how beautiful he is and adorable. The pandemic is a little more bearable because of Mookie. He continues to give our family so much joy. Thanks to Bella Mini Doodles for giving us such a beautiful dog to join our family. We are thrilled beyond words.

Marie Sloane
New York City, NY

​Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to my family! Charlie is so handsome, smart, playful and loving! He loves people and is doing excellent at puppy school learning new behaviors and interacting with other puppies!! He’s such a love...my favorite little guy to wake up to every day ❤️

Jacqueline Murray
Boston, MA

​Look no further than Bella Mini Doodles! I could not be happier with my experience. It is clear they have been doing this for a long time. They’re professional, kind and communicative. All of their pups have the perfect traits everyone is looking for. People stop their cars in the middle of the street to tell me how beautiful my puppy is. She was so happy and well adjusted when she came home. Thank you Bella Mini Doodles for how much extra care and attention you give to your pups. It was worth it!

Dione Souza
New York City, NY

​Jasmine is our Bella Mini “Angel”. She is our sunshine and brings joy to our life every single day. We love her so much.

Regan Mrak
Buffalo, NY

My girlfriend and I did a ton of research on where to go for our goldendoodle and Bella was the resoundingly obvious choice. Janelle cared for each puppy like it was her own and that care and love was immediately evident once we took home our dood. After one year, we couldn’t be more pleased with that decision. I am a first time dog owner and our little guy has made me happier than I thought possible. It’s hard to walk Maverick through the streets of DC without being solicited for pictures or stopped and asked where we got him (in a good way)! We took a five hour bus and then drove seven hours to get our puppy and my girlfriend still calls it one of the best days of her life. We still keep in touch with our Bella Family. Thanks Janelle!

Luke & Melissa Mirabella
Washington DC

Ok, so we all agree that these are the cutest things ever when they are puppies....but let’s talk about Louie again as he approaches his 1st birthday. How my evening walks take over an hour, and I don’t cover much distance, because all the neighborhood kids are out and they screech his name with joy when they see he’s heading their way. What does Louie do? He sits down and waits for them to approach him, then drops to the ground for the inevitable hugs and belly rubs. He is so gentle. As a matter of fact, three small children in my neighborhood now pet Louie, when they had all been terrified of dogs in the past. How he gets a similar reaction from so many adults. How he has become a bright spot in so many people’s days during this terrible pandemic. How he has all his little dog friends in the neighborhood, who he also sits for and waits for so they can greet each other like long lost friends every day. Don’t get me wrong. He can be very naughty. Lose track of him for a bit and you MAY be lucky and find him rolling a tennis ball through the legs of furniture by himself, or, more likely, stealing every sock, shoe, pair of eyeglasses and tee shirt he can get his little paws on and “hide” them in his bed. He is a big dork, too. Like falls over every time he tries to lift his leg to be a man. Or when he runs full speed into a coffee table chasing his sister because he forgot to duck. This dog is a constant source of joy. He comes with a big fat helping of adorableness and makes everyone around him happy. Just take a look at that picture and you will see what I am talking about! And Talking with other Bella Minidoodle owners, I can tell you this is not an exception... this is what you can look forward to.

Rosemarie Giambrone
Buffalo NY

From a young age, I always wanted a golden retriever but my mom was allergic. She promised me a dog when I was older and out of her house, but I wanted to be able to enjoy a dog together. After some research, I learned about golden doodles and I was hooked. When I saw Janelle’s pups, I fell in love. When it came time for Janelle to let me know about the litter I was hoping to choose from, my options were limited. I wanted a female dog, but there were only 3 in that particular litter and 2 other families had claimed a female pup before me. Janelle was originally going to keep the last female, but instead she offered her to me. I couldn’t be more grateful for her generosity because that 3rd female, known as Zoë, has been one of the greatest joys of my life. She is healthy, happy, people-oriented, full of love and very easily trained! I can’t say enough good things about Jenelle’s dogs. I highly recommend them, as Zoë has been worth all the time, money and energy I invested into her and so much more. Thank you for such a wonderful companion!

Lisa & Mark Fischer

We have three Bella Mini Doodles in our Family! It began with our son and his girlfriend, who did a ton of homework on breeders and found Janelle. They welcomed their micro, Cooper, in 2015. About a year later, another family member adopted their petite, Spencer. Both dogs are so sweet and smart, and have the best personalities. After dog sitting several times for Spencer, and saying goodbye to our beloved 14 year old lab… we decided it was time for us to get a doodle of our own. We knew exactly where to go. We reached out to Janelle and got on the waiting list. Right from the beginning, we got updates on the puppies birth, progress on their development, photos and videos, and we finally picked up Oliver in December 2017. He’s now almost a year and a half, and the most spoiled member of our family. Each of the three dogs have their own distinct personality, yet they are all wonderful, sweet, loving and FUNNY creatures that bring so much love and joy to our family. Spencer and Oliver see each other regularly, and it’s a special treat when Cooper comes home from Florida to visit with his brother and uncle. We were able to trace the family tree and discovered that Cooper and Spencer share the same father (Beau), who is also Oliver’s grandfather, so the two older boys are brothers, and Oliver is their nephew. A big blended family just like ours!

Kelly Wyland

Dallas is the most AMAZING dog ever. He’s truly a little love and truly is an English Cream Teddy Bear. He has a soul that is so deep and loving that we can’t even describe it properly in words. His eyes are so deep and full of personality. Just wanted to thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog.

Angel Leclair

A wonderful experience from beginning to end! The whole Bella Mini Doodle family is not only knowledgeable but caring in every way. This was our first experience with a breeder and we couldn’t have been happier with the result! Levi is smart, loyal and loving. How do you thank someone for giving you a best friend?!

Deb & Tom Casilio
Rochester NY

​We simply can't believe that Janelle gave us her best puppy ever!!! Lucy is the sweetest, gentlest, smartest, cutest pup in the world! As first time dog owners, we are still surprised at how much joy and love she is bringing to us. I did a lot of research before making the decision to welcome a dog into our family. I had such a good feeling when I found Janelle. She was so thorough and patient with me and my million questions. She really did a fantastic job of helping us decide what was best for our family. And she really did give us the best puppy ever! We are so grateful and would highly recommend her to our friends.

Ginger Brown
Washington D.C.

Our experience with Janelle and Bella Mini Doodles was nothing less than exceptional. Janelle is an expert and placed a tremendous amount of emphasis on the quality and health of her dogs and her process. This was our first experience interviewing a breeder who interviewed us! To be sure our family would be a good fit for the puppy and that the puppy would be a good fit for our family’s needs and lifestyle. From the first phone call until adoption day (and even now since having our puppy home) Janelle was organized, communicated consistently, provided us updates and some photos prior to adoption day- and adoption day was simply magical. Our Emmitt is a smart, beautiful, loving part of our family... We are so grateful to have him and for Janelle’s commitment to raising and breeding these beautiful healthy dogs.

Danielle Clement
Washington D.C.

​Charlie had his first birthday yesterday, November 24th. He is the best puppy. From the time I picked him up in mid-January 2019, when he weighed 3.8 lbs., he has been a love. He loves every person and dog or cat he meets. He was house trained within a month and was so easy to train to sit and stay and come. He lives to please. He loves to play and cuddle, and my granddaughters love him. I cannot imagine life without him. He has given me such joy. I credit Janelle for much of Charlie’s wonderful personality and ease with people. I enthusiastically recommend Janelle and Bella minidoodles to everyone who is considering having a minidoodle. You will be so happy with your puppy.

Debbie Moore

Our family home has always been filled with dogs. Our first family dog was a golden retriever, and he set the bar extremely high for all other dogs who followed him. After his untimely passing due to illness, we knew our home wouldn't be the same without pets. We welcomed two more beautiful dogs into our home, a yellow lab and a cockapoo. These two were inseparable since the day they came home. Unfortunately, in the spring of 2014 after 12 1/2 years together, we lost our yellow lab to cancer. Our cockapoo had as much of a hard time with the passing of our lab as we did. We knew he needed another companion, but finding a reputable breeder was going to be the challenge. After many months of research, we came across Bella Mini Doodles and right off the bat we knew this breeder was special. We contacted Janelle for an interview and she was such a pleasure to work with. She went through the entire process with us, as well as calming our nerves about bringing a puppy into a home with a 13 year old dog. At the time we were accepted into the wait list for a Bella Mini Doodle puppy due to be born in June, there was already another liter that was getting ready to go to their forever homes. I got a call from Janelle informing me that a family assigned to the current litter had to move sooner than expected and they wanted to know if they could switch litters. As fate would have it, she would be delivering two other puppies from the current litter right to our area. She asked if we were ready to take a puppy that weekend! Of course we said yes because in our minds, this puppy was meant to be ours. Once we knew we would be getting a puppy from this litter, she sent us picture every day of the puppies playing, interacting with her and her family. You could tell immediately that these puppies were treated like they were members of their family, fully loved and cared for. Once we knew which puppy was ours, pictures and videos of our puppy were sent to us daily, until the day we were able to take him home. We met her at a park in Summit, New Jersey with the two other families taking puppies home that very same day. The puppies were placed in a very spacious run and immediately took to their families. Janelle and her daughters were some of the sweetest people we have ever encountered. They were extremely professional, knowledgeable and a complete pleasure. The puppy came home with food and toys they played with at their house to make them feel more comfortable. Once home, our puppy adjusted very quickly and was 95% potty trained. He came home to a forever friend that would show him the ropes of the house he would be living in and it has been an unbreakable bond ever since. We know that this ability to form a quick relationship with a brand new dog is due to the fantastic work of Janelle. We have recommended their services to many of our friends. We have raved so much about them, that our cousins have even went through Bella Mini Doodles to bring home their furry bundle of joy. We our so in love with our sweet boy Oliver, or "Chino" as he was named in the litter, and we will continue to recommend Janelle and her family at Bella Mini Doodles!

Evan & Robin Portnoy

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